A downloadable tool for Windows and Linux

These days you have several options of art communities to choose from and the unfortunate truth is that most people can't afford to spend much time an a large number of sites and therefore give up on given sites, losing touch with some of their favorite artists or losing potential fans from the communities that they're not present at.

ArtWatcher comes as a solution to that problem. It is a client that allows you to submit your creations to several sites at once as well as keep up with your feedback on your artwork and easily browse through art from your favorite artists in several places, as well as many features planned in the future.

The currently supported sites (fully or partially) are:

This is the classical version of ArtWatcher - a server-like software that allows you to use the interface on your browser of choice.
Paying is disabled for this version as it is discontinued. If you wish to support the project, pay through the non-classic version.

Install instructions

Just unzip the file and run the executable inside.

  • For Linux users, run LAUNCH-LINUX
  • For Windows users, run LAUNCH-WINDOWS.exe
  • If you download the 0.90 version, just run ArtWatcher.jar on any platform

Requires Java 1.8+ installed on your system. Click here to download the latest version of Java


ArtWatcher-classic.zip 9 MB
Artwatcher-classic(0.90, no submitter).zip 19 MB


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